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..: Vizion
Our dealers and our products are used by practitioners in the country project, all the varieties of products in many countries gönderilmekteyiz .. In addition, our structure and landless agricultural irrigation in the field of agriculture have been replaced by piyasadeki not only to use the product started to work in projects for the area ..

Advanced technology, modern, experienced staff and trained staff, the competition, company gives priority to human health and environmental factor is based on user satisfaction

1. infrastructure pipes
2. superstructure pipes
3. Pipe Equipment
4. The square roof gutters
5. Drum pipes
6. Landless agricultural products

..: Ecological Agriculture

Ladder-type system is set up with 10 acres of greenhouse, 2 acres 2 acres of greenhouse crops can be taken by establishing a respectable 12 acres

Saygın Pipe, 300-400 grams of a product can be taken terrain normal seedlings, seedlings 500-850 grams of a product can be taken in this system noted



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